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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the management system of business processes of incorporation, its sometimes in real and interferes with software and technology & it facilitates decision making to collect, capture all data, ERP system to improve business and aggressive advantage.

  • Dashboard
  • Product / Orders
  • Quotations/ Invoices
  • Contact management
  • Accounting
  • Expenses
  • Point of Sale (POS)


Manage business hours by quick and easy decision making

  • Easy, convenient, configurable plus animated charts
  • Select dashboard items easily by sorting according to order, record limit, field and other available options.
  • Access files quickly by date filters such as 1 day, weekly, monthly, 3 months or annual. You can also sort files by their months, years and other specific options.

Product / orders

With little effort, you can easily transform quotations into invoices

  • Create a structured category for products via check boxes
  • You can select product templates from the available options.
    Pick your preferred template by its attributes and values. Now, you can make multiple template selections, be it metal or white.
  • You can make your selections for a single product or several others.
    You can also choose a whole product category or select its product units in the list within it.

Contact management

Get all the personal details you need

  • Overview all meetings at a glance
    See all meetings scheduled with a contact, send invitations, add useful information and synchronize everything with Google Calendar.
  • Access any contact in seconds
  • Get a quick overview of every business interaction


With little effort, you can easily transform quotations into invoices:

  • Refined payment process
  • Automated accounting and record-keeping
  • Customized analysis
  • Analyze your invoices and sales with bespoke dashboards. Gain access to relevant information and perform sales review conveniently.

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